The Largest Boar Ever Killed in the Livermore Hills?


Over the years, I’ve heard about some very big boars killed in the hills near Livermore, but the largest boar I know of was taken in 2000 near Williams Gulch. Since that time, pigs have nearly disappeared in this area.


The reason? I believe it’s primarily depredation hunting by contract pig hunters who use many different means to remove pigs. Trapping is very effective. Sometimes as many as 40 pigs can be trapped in one baiting. I’ve witnessed over 20 in one trap myself. What a ruckus that was.


It could be that disease has played a part and it’s also likely that liberalization of the pig regulations has played a role.


The largest pig I ever personally got involved with was taken by a guide from Alaska named Robert Nelson. He was in town for a few days while participating in the International Sportsman’s Exposition at the Pleasanton Fair Grounds.


Robert had an off day before he could fly, so I offered him a chance to hunt pigs. We arrived at daylight, but didn’t see anything at all for the first couple hours. While sitting on a knob overlooking a lot of pig territory, a boar appeared moving fast.



“There’s a giant pig comming,” I nearly hollered, “follow me.”


I bolted off the knob as fast as my legs would carry me (not very fast actually) with Robert right behind. He was carrying my Ruger M77 in 7mm Mauser which he’d never fired, but after all he was an caribou, moose and sheep guide.


We caught the boar as he crossed a ridge and the big pig appeared to be very uncomfortable as he manuvered to get out of the open as soon as possible. As the boar trotted past at about 100 yards, Robert raised and fired. It appeared that the shot was good, but the big boar kept running. Robert ejected the empty and fired again. This time the boar went down and skidded to a stop. As you can see he was a very impressive creature.


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10 thoughts on “The Largest Boar Ever Killed in the Livermore Hills?

  1. why do you go round killing pigs, its Sick.
    your just sick and pathick.

    that’s just Like someone going round killing people will Black hair….

    Its the same thing?

    so answer me this.

    why do you go round killing these things.

    to make meat.
    for fun.

    its not a quiz.

    its life…

  2. Amy: This pig was excellent eating. We enjoyed chops, steaks and sausage.

    Unlike pigs that live in some parts of California, in particular Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, the pigs that live in Alameda County are typically excellent table fare – in fact you can’t tell that they aren’t store bought – like the ones you eat.

  3. I am very impressed with this boar. Me and My husband hunt in fl regularly with bows. We go to southern part of fl. WE never see any sows or boars over 200 pds because of the over hunting here. My uncle recently took down a 175 pd boar one shot with his bow it was great eating. I support hunting 100% keep doing what your doing and wish that we can get one bigger than 200 here

  4. Amy.. Keep your opinions to yourself.. do you purposely go to hunting blogs to say how “inhumane” it is to kill animals?
    You should be happy he took the meat and didnt kill the animal and just get rid of it…
    I myself want to go hunting but i dont think your allowed to hunt at 14… nice blog by the wat

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  6. This is a very fascinating post, I was looking for this knowledge. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future..

  7. Can anyone elaborate on how to get in contact with any Livermore land owners to try and hunt on their land? I am a new hunter without many contacts who would like to hunt in California rather than driving out of state to harvest my meat.

  8. Amy your a moron to compare hog hunting to killing people. unless your a vegan then your nothing but a hypocrite. Keep your comments to yourself. Oh and by the way learn how to spell before you go calling people pathetic.

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