Another Big Boar from the Livermore Hills

A fellow named Jaime Carpenter shot this boar. Jaime was from the South Bay and had been out late the night before.  I wasn’t sure if he’d stay awake long enough to shoot this boar.

The boar and another small boar (say a 200 pounder) were following some sows and apparently they were receptive. The small boar was doing circles around the big boar in hopes that he’d get some of the action. 

 I believe this pig was nearly 400 pounds, but we didn’t weigh it. It would have made a great full size mount.

 For a long time it was the largest boar and most impressive boar I’d ever seen. What made it extra impressive (besides it’s huge body, streamlined physic and big tusks) was the long black thick hair that covered it’s hide.

jammie-with-big-boar-cropped-and-resized.jpg(Click to enlarge photo.)

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