Most Colorful Bird – The Roller Bird

violet-breasted-roller-bird-cropped.jpg(Click to enlarge)

While we were in South Africa last summer, the lilac breasted roller bird was with us constantly. It was first mentioned by our guide at Kruger National Park. Then we observed it in the Limpopo Province while I was hunting.

I attempted to photograph the roller bird on several occations, but lighting issues and failure of birds to cooperate doomed my efforts.

 During the drive to Sun City, roller birds made their signature roll beside the highway, causing their colorful wings to flash in the bright sunlight.

 I had given up on photographing a roller bird, when I spotted one at the Gary Player Golf Course in Sun City. I grabbed my camera and walked out to the tree where it was perched. As I prepared to photograph the bird, it dropped from it’s perch and landed on the grass only a few feet from me. There it remained long enough for me to take two photos that came out quite nice.

 I guess it pays to keep trying.

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