In My Perfect World

In my perfect world, everybody would be a hunter. 


It is interesting to imagine how our lives would be changed if everybody hunted. There are many effects that such a change would have on our collective psyche, and also the habitat around us.

At a time when space is at a premium, it is interesting to theorize how habitat would be affected by universal sport hunting. Subsistence hunting is a different subject, and the effects of universal subsistence hunting would be disastrous. There would certainly be too much pressure on the game animals and not enough habitats to support us all. But, we could all be sport hunters.

Let’s try to imagine how it would be. Everybody would have an interest in providing habitat for our game and the result would also be more habitats for non-game animals. Everybody would spend time in the woods alone and would be more comfortable with the outdoors.

Good hunting lands would be highly sought, more valuable and scarce relative to demand; and therefore less susceptible to encroachment by urban uses.

Game management would be one of the most sought-after and respected jobs. Educational opportunities for habitat management and game management would abound.

Everybody would have a firsthand experience with hunting. Everybody would understand the joy of first success, the difficulty of possessing a big game animal and the mixed emotions that come with the kill.

The rush that comes with the pheasant flush and the thrill that comes with being dive bombed by a flock of speeding teal would be bonds that would help unite humanity.

Everybody would witness perfect clear sunrises, torrential downpours and turkeys gobbling to the sound of artificial coyote howls in early morning semidarkness.

There would be a universal appreciation for the high-quality game meat and a much better understanding of all the meats we eat, game and non-game.

Management of public property would be on the minds of most of the public. Wildlife would prosper and open space would be forever secure. Poachers and unethical hunters would find it harder to operate because of increase awareness by the public. The heightened appreciation of game animals would put additional societal pressure on these undesirable types to straighten out.

Because more people would be in the outdoors, there would be a greater appreciation for rare and endangered species and more habitats to assure their survival. Our society would have a greater over-all appreciation for the beauty of the world around us. There is no doubt in my mind that we would be better off if everybody were a hunter.

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