Private Lands Elk Tags for Sale April 5, 2008

Here’s some info on three elk tags being sold at the Livermore RMEF banquet April 5, 2008. 

The Tri Valley Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will hold its Annual Banquet in Livermore, CA on Saturday April 5, 2008.  Among the items to be auctioned will be a California Tule Elk PLM Tag and a Nevada Rocky Mountain Landowner Tag.  The description of each tag follows.  If you would like to attend the banquet and bid on these and other items please call Jonnina Speidel @ 925-934-9210.  We will also take PHONE BIDS and if you are interested is phoning your bid please call me at the number listed below to set up the call. 

A) Tule Elk PLM TagWhere: Livermore, Calif.2 ranches totaling about 3500 acres with a herd of 80 to 100 animals.When: August 9 to November 31, 2008 (Subject to the final season dates determined by the California DFG)Features;This tag is for any weapon (Archery, MZ and Rifle) for the entire season.  There is opportunity to harvest bull in the 6 X 6 270 +class.The hunt is unguided and does not include the California license or elk tag.There will be space to park a trailer or set up a tent camp.MINIMUM BID: $11,000.00OPTION: guides can be provided for additional cost. 

B) Nevada Landowner Tag for Rocky Mountain ElkWhere: the 20,000 acre ranch is located in NE Nevada and includes units 076 – 78 and 081.Weapons: Archery, MZ or Rifle.  Choice must be stated.When: The hunt will coincide with the dates set by the Nevada Department of Wildlife for the weapon of choice.Features:The opportunity to harvest a trophy bull in the 350+ B& C range is very good. The hunt is unguided and does not include the license or tag.A tent camp will be set up if desired or an area for a motor home or trailer is available.MINIMUM BID: $11,000.00OPTIONS:Guides can be provided at additional costs.  Call for details.Horses and Mules are available to rent.

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