How to Bait a Mountain Lion

About 15 years ago, an Oregon archer and bow hunting consultant, Neil Summers, told me about this mountain lion encounter.


While hunting for elk in the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area of Oregon, Summers heard the loud growl of a lion. Standing in the depression of a rotted log, Summers looked up into the face of a crouched lion that stood facing him at approximately 12 feet.


Summers was in full camo and had been frequently bugling like a bull elk. Apparently his bugles were convincing. He had elk scent on his clothing and elk droppings in a sock attached to his belt.


To the lion, he smelled like an elk and sounded like an elk.


He attempted to scare the lion away by squealing with his mouth diaphragm – now he was even acting like an elk. The lion had responded by growling and quivering with excitement (and anticipation of elk chops).


Nocking an arrow, Summers took a threatening step forward, while once again squealing with his diaphragm (once again erroneously thinking he might chase the lion away).


Probably convinced that this was about to be the best elk dinner he’d ever enjoyed, the lion sprung forward as Summers, in self defense, drew and released an arrow at point blank range.


As the arrow pierced the lion’s vitals, the cat screamed and reversed course. A few seconds later, while still within a few yards of where Summers stood, the arrowed cat went berserk and died. Summer slumped to the ground – relieved, but still shaking with fear.


This same technique might work for grizzlies. Anybody interested?

5 thoughts on “How to Bait a Mountain Lion

  1. painting? seriously, no comparison to hunting! that guy is a champ for nailing that cougar but he should of shot first and asked questions later! personal experience of mine is to do that, if the cat is hungry, it’s not going to scare easy especially in that case! I live RIGHT next to the eagle caps, i’ve had lots of encounters with cougars, but if they dont spook just at the sight or sound of me, i don’t give them a chance to attack. btw I always have a cougar tag, I don’t poach!!

  2. there is too many lions out there. with them hunting and us hunting prey don’t have much of a chance. Also they hunt livestock the easier the better.

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