Opening Day of Deer Season 2008

Opening day is always good. This year was unique as I hunted alone with little fanfare. As my blind was set up for afternoon and evening winds, I didn’t get up early. Arriving about 2:00 PM, the weather was warm, but not unbearable. An appropriate sweat kept me cool enough and as usual, animal activity kept me from being bored.

I was armed not only with my Mathews bow, but also my Nikon digital camera and 200mm lens which is quite adequate for taking some good photos. The elderberry  bush next to my blind provided ample attraction to the local birds and I got some good shots. I’ll publish them later this week, but for now I’ll just show the legal buck that came in.

He was not worth writing home about, but if he’d approached inside 35 yards, I would have had to make a decision. Fortunately he didn’t so he’s still out there and will be a shooter for sure next year.

He was cautious, but not looking for me. He stood overlooking the pond for several minutes before heading down to drink.

Western bluebirds in their drab summer plumage were frequenting the elderberry bush next to my Double Bull blind. I took several photos with my Nikon D40X camera which is proving to be a good investment.

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