Wildflowers, Waterfalls and Wilderness

The wildflowers were out in full force in the Hoover Wilderness last weekend. These flowers were along the Little Walker River at about 9200 feet elevation. Lupines on the far bank, but I don’t know the name of the yellows ones. Butterflies were also out in numbers.

One the way home we discovered Levitt Falls along highway 108 on the east side of Sonora Pass.

4 thoughts on “Wildflowers, Waterfalls and Wilderness

  1. Lupine is far and away my favorite of the wildflowers – we always try and grow them here in the dry desert of Eastern Oregon – and we always fail! Sometimes we can get some scraggly lookin’ ones, but nothing like the ones we see in the mountains all around us. That’s quite the falls, there, too – gotta love hiking through the mountains!

  2. Rich –

    I have isolated the yellow flowers to either a Sulfur Flower or a Narrow Goldenrod. It could be either one of the two.

    We have a couple of Goldenrods that grow up here in Interior Alaska and there are places the roadside ditches are full of Lupine.


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