Nevada Archery Season Underway

Arriving at an unknown Nevada desert location is always tricky. Add to that, darkness and unmarked dirt roads and outdated maps. Now you’ve got a royal pain in the you know what.


After traveling from daylight until dark, I was ready to hit the sack. I thought I was in the right location at 9:00 PM, but couldn’t find a road that made sense, so I drove around for two more hours before giving up. The next morning, at first light, I found the road I was looking for, right where I was looking in the darkness the night before.


I carried my chair up to the ridge and found deer in comfort.


It was a shame to waste five gallons of precious gas, but at least I was finally here. And it didn’t take long to find some bucks. I was glassing from an excellent vantage point by 7:00 AM.


After about an hour – seeing wild horses, antelope, and cattle – up popped the first deer. It disappeared before I could get it in my spotting scope, but I’m pretty sure it was a doe. A half hour later, four bucks appeared in a draw to my right. None looked like anything worth getting excited about, but they bedded down in a serviceberry patch before I could study them completely.



About 9:30, a nice buck popped up and fed down the hill about 1,000 yards away. He bedded in the shade of a large single alder. All the bucks bedded in either serviceberry bushes or alder bushes. That was good information. About 10:00 AM I headed back to camp to do some organizing and cook some breakfast.


Day two was almost a total repeat of day one in terms of deer sighting. I found a road that will reduce the climb in my effort to access higher ground and also to reach the buck if I decide to go after him. I guess him to be about 24 inches wide with good long tines. I’d guess he’d score between 150 and 160. I’ll probably find something bigger pretty soon, but in the mean time, at least I know where one respectable buck is living.

Take my word, it’s a buck.


Left home without my coffee pot, so I’m in Elko to make a couple purchases and make this report. Not sure when I’ll be back. No cell service out there, but the country is hospitable.


3 thoughts on “Nevada Archery Season Underway

  1. Stay after ’em, Rich!

    Tell you what, though. Biggest Nevada muley buck I ever saw was right beside the sign at the old Mustang Ranch. Still kick myself for not having a camera for that one… would’ve been a serious classic!

  2. I love the Desert, I moved to Kansas 2 yrs ago for work and I miss it bad……I moved from Twin Falls, Idaho where I was only about 40 miles from jackpot Nevada…..Every year I spent many hours in the Southern Idaho High desert chasing antelope, Sagehen and Mule Deer……I better stop now I’m getting homesick……Good luck with your hunt…

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