Opening Day of Califoria A Zone Rifle Season

The jays were active, but not the deer.

The deer didn’t seem to be doing much on Saturday morning. That’s not unusual. Between Rob and I we didn’t see a legal buck, but we we’re all that concerned. The season runs for another six weeks and the best days are usually the last two weeks of the season.

Rob put a few new locks on some of our gates and put up some no trespassing signs. I was glad to see the game wardens out taking care of business, but was embarassed when I didn’t have my current hunting license in my wallet. Since it was a lifetime license, she let me off with a warning – went home and faxed her a copy of my new one which was sitting in its envelope in my office.

This acorn woodpecker was working the tree next to me.

One thought on “Opening Day of Califoria A Zone Rifle Season

  1. Rich
    Here in Alaska once you reach 60 years of age you get a free rest-of-your-life hunting, fishing and trapping license. You never have to renew it or anything. (You do need to have it with you though.) To accomplish this, I never go hunting or fishing without my camera. So, my hunting/fishing license stays right in my camera case. Water proof and all that and I sure won’t loose that camera and it will always be right where I can get it. Thus, if Fish & Game comes by I have it with me.


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