Mule Deer Foundation Approves CA 2008 Projects

Draft Minutes of CA TAC meeting Wed Sept 3, 2008, 10:30 AM

Location: Foster’s Big Horn Grill, 143 Main Street, Rio Vista CA

Present: MDF Staff: Bob Meulengracht, Fawna Gregory, Brian Lake; CDFG: Mary Sommer, BLM David Burton, USFS: George Garcia, COHA: Rick Bullock; MDF Volunteers, Rich Fletcher – State Chair, Joe Sunderland  – Sacramento Chapter

1. Reviewed and approved minutes of 2007 meeting.

2. Update of funding sources by Bob Meulengracht, status of MDF staff and chapters in CA. He also reviewed the status of the MDF project endowment fund. Bob also reported that MDF will shortly be funding COHA $10,000.

Funds available for projects totaled approximately $42,000

From the following sources:

2008 Chapter Rewards: $33,675

2007 Chapter Rewards: $5,400

Conservation Partnerships: $3,000

Reviewed the status of 2006/07 and 2007/08 projects.


Hope Valley: Invoice not yet received. Must be completed or extended by December 2008.

Oak Flat and Oak Flat add on are underway but not complete.

Fresno fawn mortality study complete and funded for approximately $20,000.

Basin habitat Enhancement: Complete and paid.

COHA received $4,000

San Bernardino habitat project: complete, but invoice not received.


Hwy 89 project: $7,600 paid for cameras.

Basin Aspen Enhancement: Will be done.

Hallelujah Junction Wildlife Area: Nothing until ‘09

Granite Stewardship Project: 2009

Hume/Deer Herd Telemetry Funded for $1,700

Camp Nelson Monitoring project: Funded for $1,600

Redding Chapter funded the Amadee Guzzler project for $6,500

Reviewed 2007 TAC letter to USFS and response from USFS, regarding overgrazing of the Jawbone-Rosasco Allotment, Status of approved projects, completion reports.

4. 2008/09 Project funding discussion

a. new proposals – Mountain Star Deer Habitat Enhancement (USFS) approved for $10,000, East Side Guzzler Rehab (USFS) approved for $$3,000, Lack Creek Restoration (BLM) approved for $2,500, Mendocino National Forest Blacktail Deer Study approved for $10,000, Choachella Canal Monitoring plan approved for $8,000. Not approved for funding: Verdi GPS purchase, East Chocolate Deer Drinker, Age at First Reproduction Study.

b. holdover projects approved: Mendocino Oak Ridge $4,000, Genesse Black Oak $3,000

5. Five-year project plan for MDF in CA. The TAC supported the concept of creation of a Five-Year plan for CA deer. Rich Fletcher will take initial steps to create an outline.

6. Summer of 2008 fire events. The committee discussed this and agreed that it makes sense to attempt to incorporate existing burns into long range project planning.


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