California Coastal Blacktail Season, So Far

Been a slow season so far. The end is approaching and so are the best opportunities. There seem to be plenty of deer, but the bucks are not showing. The fawn population also looks good. I’d guess that we have about 50 fawns per 100 does.

I slept out on the ridge top a couple times during hot weather. It was so warm that I hardly needed a sleeping bag. Took this sunset photo of SF Bay hand held. Next time I’ll use my tri-pod.

It’s always impressive to see how much open space there is in the East Bay Area. The actual towns only take up a small portion of the region.

Last weekend I hunted with my friend Tom. He was on a streak of two successful years in a row. On Sunday morning we found his buck. At 10:00 AM, after glassing from the same rock for three hours, a buck showed up right in front of us about 260 yards out.

I asked if he wanted to take the shot, but he said he wasn’t confident. We could see that the sun was about to hit the buck and knew that it would only be a couple minutes before the buck would be on it’s feet. We watched as the buck stood up and walked over the ridge out of sight.

We circled above the buck and attempted to relocate him on the other side of the ridge, but there were just too many places for him to hide. In the 100 degree heat we decided to call it quits and Tom’s streak ended.

Here’s one of our many road rattlers.

The weather has cooled and the rut should be kicking in a little so this may be a better week – I hope so as it will be my last chance.

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