Creating a Mule Deer Hunt Check List

Call it old age and memory loss or whatever you want. I cannot prepare for a lengthy deer hunt anymore without preparing a checklist. Therefore, I keep a checklist from each hunt saved on my computer. That way I can just revise it for the next hunt. Here’s a draft of my next checklist prepared in advance.


Check it out, it may help you formulate your own list. Feel free to let me know what you’d add – I’d be interested to know. I won’t necessarily take everything on this list, but I leave everything on the list and just cross off the stuff I won’t use. That way it will be on the list when I remake it for my next hunt.


Some items will be provided by the other guys on the hunt and I’ll cross them out as well. This system does a pretty good job of preventing me from leaving key items behind, but nothing is fool proof.



Nevada Rifle Mule Deer Hunt 2008


Hunting license

NV landowner tag and background info

Hunting & pack gear

Crooked-horn outfitters day pack

Inside pack

rangefinder – Leopold +spare battery

navigation equip


            topo maps


            Reading glasses

AM radio

head lamp

walkie talkie

spare flashlight & batteries

trail marking tape

small pliers

knife & sharpener

small saw

water bottle (platypus)

water bottle MSR

Water pills

large pack frame

Rifle – 7X57 + ammo

soft case

Rifle – 270 + ammo (?)

soft case (?)

Deer calls

Rattling horns


field glasses (2)

spotting scope #1

spotting scope #2 with car window mount


Small tri-pod

Camera gear

Cannon digital camera

Extra photo disks

Nikon 40X

Additional hunting gear

Small (blind) chair

Knife set



Camouflauge trousers lightweight cotton

camo shirt(2)(cotton)

Camo hat

Hunter orange hat


camo shirt(cotton)

hiking shorts


underwear (6)

Cold Weather Clothing

rag wool socks(6pr)

Heavy Boots (2)

face mask

Neck Gator

Wool cap – snow camo

wool gloves

Light rain jacket

Thermax under clothing

camo shirt (wool)

Heavy goretex rain jacket

Camo wool trou with suspenders

Gray wool trou

Snow camo

For Riding ATV

ATV Gas can (s)

Bungee cords

Heavy coat

Ski gloves


Additional packs

Large fanny pack (leave home)

Take-down pack frame (leave home)


bivouac sack

Down sleeping bag

Ground cloth

sleeping bag (heavy) 

Light thermo pad

Large foam pad Medium themo pad


Camo umbrella


Camp equipment

Camp table

Two chairs

7 gallon water tank

sewing kit

spare flashlight

extra batteries

alarm clock

cell phone

ziplock bags


2 burner stove

propane (?)

propane lantern (?)

7-gallon water tanks (2) (?)

Electric lantern

Jet boil + fuel

Cook kit with pots and pans

Coffee pot to perk coffee

Dish soap

Toilet paper

Paper towels

5 gallon bucket

Dish washing tub


XM Radio

Spare batteries (AA, AAA, D)

Water purification pump


dried foods for remote camping

            Mountain House Dinners

            MRE s




Powdered mile

various canned foods

Jar Peanut butter

Pack of dried peaches

dried cereal

Alum foil



Meat and potatoes

Pre made chili and beans

Lettuce for salads

Eggs (1 doz in container)

Venison sausage

Salad dressing


Garbage bags

Beer etc.

Game care

sharp knives and honing stone

game bags

strong nylon cord

Bone saw

First Aid Kit

Band aids

Anticeptic ointment

Personal meds

Tooth brush

Hair brush

Raiser blade


Other things/comments

Pocket knife

XM radio

Compaq computer with car battery connection loaded with software


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