Opening Day of Duck Season 2008

It was a slow opener at Mayberry Farms. Just didn’t have the number of ducks that usually show. Could have been due to the way we managed the club in September, but more likely it was simply due to the ducks not being in our area.

Funny how ducks move around. We try to understand why they are sometimes there and not at other times, but it’s such a dynamic system.

We shot almost all mallards, totaling 28 between five of us for two days. This is about half our normal opening weekend total. But, it’s hard to complain about a couple days in the marsh hunting ducks.

Saturday, on her second opening day, Lola got off to a slow start by not retrieving the first few ducks we shot. She did find them and keep them at bay (yes actually barking at a couple of them).

She got redemtion on Sunday. After a greenhead went down about 20 yards into a dense cattail patch, she came out with the bird in her mouth and I was satisfied that we’ll turn things around soon.

She’s hot to hunt, but shy around the dead ducks – same as last year. Who knows what goes through a dogs brain.

One thought on “Opening Day of Duck Season 2008

  1. We had a slow opening day, too. I decided to go for ducks instead of deer, because I had a cold and preferred to sit in a blind on a nice day to hiking steep hills. The three of us took 6, and my new side-by-side did a real nice job. So did my cousin, who has really taken a liking to calling.

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