East Bay Tule Elk

The rut is long over and the bulls of San Antonio Reservoir have banded together for the winter. We often see them on the ridges near our ranch.


The bulls are shy, but they will hang around for a few minutes before they disappear over the ridge. We found this bull herd last week and they couldn’t seem to decide which way to go and we had several minutes to take photos.


We actually got a little closer as they moved parallel to the road. This herd is made up of mature bulls, mostly 6×6. If you look closely you can see that tynes have been broken off from fighting.


In springtime, we occationally find their shed antlers. The herd is unmanaged and unhunted.

2 thoughts on “East Bay Tule Elk

  1. Wow – I’ve always marveled at the Tules – never seen one or hunted one. I love elk, though and would love to observe the Tules in action – they behave mostly like a Roosevelt or are they more like a Rocky Mountain? Or neither?

    • Tom. I was looking at this post and your response. I realize that you asked me a question and I didn’t respond.

      Tule elk look a lot like rocky mountina (Yellowstone) elk, but are smaller. Their bodies and antlers are porportionately about the same as the large rocky mountain elk, but they weigh less and their antlers are generally smaller.

      I’d guess they’re about 15-20% smaller.

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