Working with Lola Dioji

Started a new program with Lola. We’re working on holding – called force fetching by the dog trainer. I pried open her jaws this morning and inserted a piece of plastic pipe….had her hold it for 30 seconds or so and then had her drop it.

After a while she seemed to relax and accept the program. Then I used one of the ducks I shot this weekend. She actually held it for a little bit. Then I tossed the bumper and she retrieved it. The first time I substituted the duck for the bumper, she did her old trick of licking the bird instead of retrieving, but on the second attempt she actually retrieved the bird.

I’m optimistic that this system will produce. She made pretty good progress today. Tomorrow we’ll be hunting.

2 thoughts on “Working with Lola Dioji

  1. Rich,

    Here’s what I found to work with my lab. Tie a 10′ length of fishing line to a dead duck, then drag the duck on the ground in front of the dog. That dog will get interested in ducks real fast. From there, it was just a matter of getting the dog out in front of live birds in a hunting situation and intstinct takes over.

    • Sounds like a good process. In Lola’s case, she’s interested in the birds, but wants to keep posession of them. I think we’re making progress. Just wrote about todays hunt where she did well. Hopefully we’re over the hump.

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