A Hunter’s Christmas

christmasval Val at Christmas.


One of the great things I enjoy about Christmas is giving and receiving, particularly with my hunting friends. Shopping is so much fun when shopping for my brother, Rob, and my cousin Wes, who are part of the hunting community.


And, shopping is so much easier when you know the medium. On a recent trip to Bass Pro in Manteca, CA, I overdosed on shopping. Found some great, sometimes inexpensive, but useful stuff. I also found a few of the items on my list, but I was disappointed a bit. Unlike Cabela’s, Scheels or Sportman’s Warehouse, I didn’t think Bass Pro was as oriented towards the hard-core hunter. They had a better selection for the fisherman – I guess the name says it. And, that’s why most of the stuff I purchased was in the fishing department.


But there’s a melancholy side to it as well. For, unlike the relatives that share this interest and bond, I have many that don’t. For some reason, I feel like our connection is incomplete. If only they would give it a try they would surely find it as exciting and fulfilling as I do. Right?


Not necessarily so. I’ve taken most of these people on outings where we hunted and/or fished and they seemed to mostly enjoy it, but it just doesn’t fit into their life style. It takes a certain commitment to live the life of a hunter – and those who don’t do it will never understand.


Went to a great birthday party for one of my hunting friends last night. Joe DiDonato is a serious hunter and we’ve shared many hunting trip together as well as a love of nature and the outdoors. I was proud when he stood at the microphone and announced that his deer-hunting buddies were in the room and that we’d had a very successful season. Nice to see somebody unafraid to acknowledge his love of hunting.

joe-rocks-croppedJoe the rocker.


Joe the hunter – a man for all seasons.


We’ll be celebrating at my house tonight and my brother’s tomorrow. It will be a great Christmas and I’ll give a cane pole to my three-year old granddaughter. Will her mother  approve? Hope so.


Here’s some bad news. If you hunt the public areas and you weren’t out there this morning, you missed the best day of the year. Here’s the good news. New Years eve is also on a Wednesday this year.


The question of the week is, “How do you know you’re a hard core duck hunter?”


Answer: When, on the 23rd of December you say to your wife, “Relax honey, I’m not going duck hunting again until after Christmas.”


Merry Christmas

3 thoughts on “A Hunter’s Christmas

  1. Rich, thanks for all of the great hunts this season and in past years. If it wasn’t for finding you and Rob back in the late 80’s and having the privilege of hunting with two of the most fair and honest hunters, I would have probably moved back to the woods of PA a long time ago.

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