The Wildebeest


The wildebeest is a distinctly African animal. If I’d seen “The Lion King” prior to going to Africa, I might have made different decisions.

The blue wildebeest in the above photo was observed and photographed from a vehicle at Kruger National Park.

I took the  photo on week two of our African “safari.” On week three, I stood in a pit blind looking at a wildebeest and zebra 20 yards away. With bow in hand and a broadhead tipped arrow on the rest, I considered which to shoot.

I have to admit that the wildebeast seemed more appropriate and when it turned broadside, my arrow was released without regret. It pierced his hide right behind the shoulder and ended his life quickly. I didn’t think much about passing on the zebra, until my wife stated that she didn’t want a zebra rug anyway. That seems strange to me now.


One of the risks of traveling to Africa is that you may change your some of your opinions. I did and I don’t regret it. I like the music from lion king, but I doubt I’ll ever watch it.

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