Letter to Members: Livermore-Pleasanton MDF 2009 Banquet Cancelled

January 12, 2009


Dear MDF Supporters:


Over the past years, our local members have contributed significantly to the success of The Mule Deer Foundation. In return, thousands of acres of deer habitat have been restored or protected and the Foundation has moved from infancy to being a major player on national conservation front.


Unfortunately, the Livermore-Pleasanton Chapter will not hold a banquet this year.

Father time has finally caught up with our committee and we were not able to find members to replace us. Although we regret that the end of our group has arrived, we are still supporting MDF and rooting for the organization’s success. I will continue on as State Chair for Legislative Affairs and I’ll be in Salt Lake City next month for the annual convention.


Here are a few of the things going on this year. The MDF Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) met in September and representatives of MDF, the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and California Department of Fish and Game approved evaluated deer habitat projects seeking MDF funds. Seven projects received approval and, assuming they pass all the other tests associated with agency approval, they will be funded during 2009 or 2010. MDF also contributed funds to the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA).


During the last week in October, MDF attended the Whitehouse Conference on North American Wildlife Policy, a program created by President Bush by Executive Order. As one of the Foundation’s representatives, I participated in the discussions of how conservationists can build a path to maintain a positive influence over North American Wildlife in the next Century.


We are still interested in finding volunteers to replace those who have labored for years, so if you are interested in helping MDF reinvent the local chapter, give me a call. (925)373-6601.


On behalf of the Livermore-Pleasanton Committee,


Rich Fletcher

One thought on “Letter to Members: Livermore-Pleasanton MDF 2009 Banquet Cancelled

  1. Rich,

    Sad news, I’m sorry to hear this. I blogged a post about one way that hunting organizations such as MDF could help boost their numbers and influence; feel free to stop by my blog, and if you like it, let’s talk. Also, since you do leg. work, whenever you are in the State Capitol, stop by and say hi.

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