Nature Quiz

Took a little trip to the ranch this week and came home with photos of a few early spring wildflowers. They’re not your run of the mill favorites and I didn’t know for sure the names of any of them. Nor did I know the name of the only butterfly species I found.

Therefore you can take the quiz and don’t feel bad if you can’t name these. The plants were all less than a foot tall and the flowers all less then the diameter of a nickel.

Here you go. As I figure them out I’ll post them. You can also comment with your answers if you like. Maybe it will help my research.

1. another-white-wildflower

2. chaparal-butterfly-3-2009

3. prominent-white-flower

4. purple-and-yellow-wildflower-3-2009

5. purple-flower-3-2009

Ok. There you go. Of course I have the advantage because I saw them in person. I’ll be refering to the guide books and also my biologist friend, but my brother may already know them all as he’s on top of this stuff.

3 thoughts on “Nature Quiz

  1. OK. I did my research and here’s the scoop.
    1. Nievitas popcorn flower.
    2. California tortoiseshell butterfly.
    3. Milkmaids.
    4. Mosquitobills shooting star.
    5. Rock facelia.

    Found them all on the internet. Best resource for plants was the East Bay Regional Park District web site.

  2. I was sure the butterfly was one of the Tortoiseshells, but it is not like the one we have up here. Same with the Shooting Star flower. Ours do not have multiple point, just one single point on it.

    For flowers I can’t identify I use University of British Columbia Botantical Garndens, They have never failed at helping me identify any flowers or plants. One does have to register to use the site, but it is free of ads and don’t cost anything. On the forums page you step down to the sixth one, “Identifying Plants”.

    I also have a shortcuts to “Moth Photography” which will help me identify any moths and for butterflies I use Butterflies and Skippers of the North West”. When I have difficulties with a bird I us the BirdForum web site.

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