The Snakes of Spring



On our trip to the Ranch last Monday, we observed many of the rights of spring, golden eagles feeding their young in a roadside nest, vulture eggs inside a hollow oak, a turkey gobler strutting and gobbling, trout smolt heading downstream, a gopher snake in the road, plump does ready to give birth and zillions of wildflowers.

ranch-spring-day-036-shooting-stars-cropped-and-resized1Shooting stars.

ranch-road-gobblers-cropped-and-resizedRoadside gobblers are scarce this year. Maybe last year’s dry spring took it’s toll on them.

The warm of the sun was having it’s affect upon wildlife. Nothing seems to be more affected by the warm spring rain than snakes. One of the highlights of the trip was a rockpile home of a den of rattlesnakes.

They are always impressive and my friend Joe DiDonato has shared with me several of the photos he took was the group watched the snakes laying in the warm sun.

4-resize-of-p1000854The brown snake is the larger, but the black snake has at least 16 rattles. I wonder how old it is.



1-resize-of-p1000827-joes-rattlerThe black snake is the smaller of the two – not sure which is the male vs female.

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