Reptile Survey

One of our management practices on the ranch is to monitor for reptiles and amphibians. May is reptile month as the snakes respond to warm weather. Today was my day to survey for whipsnakes.

Although I didn’t find any whipsnakes, a few other critters found the eye of my camera.

The weather was cool and mostly sunny. Here are a few of the creatures I observed.


 Western fence lizards are a primary food source for whipsnakes.

valley-quail-2-cropped-and-resizedValley quail were mostly traveling in couples, apparently mating has begun.

garder-snake-cropped-and-resizedNext to a pond I found this garter snake under a piece of wood.

checkerspot-croppedThis checkerspot butterfly was a pleasant surprise.


Horned larks chased bugs in the short grass on the ridge top.


I bumped into this young big and a larger buck as they fed on the open ridge at mid-day.

All and all it was a good day at the ranch, even without a whipsnake sighting.

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