Opening Day of A-Zone Archery 2009

The day began with a typical flurry of bird activity. Many were drinking from the pond and others were bathing.acorn woodpecker cropped and resized

The acorn woodpecker posed for several photos from about 15 feet away.


A stellar jay joined him and it seemed like they were buddies, but I think not.



stellar jay cropped and resized

Scrub jays were everywhere, both adult and imature.

scrub jay cropped and resized

These young California ground squirrles were pretty care free, but the adults kept an eye on the sky.CA ground squirrels cropped and resized

An imature Oregon junco landed on a fence wire about six feet from my blind window.




imature Oregon junco cropped and resized

A lark sparrow took his place and posed nicely.lark sparrow cropped and resized

As I shifted around in my blind, trying to make sure I could shoot effectively if a buck showed up, I looked up and too my surprize was greeted by two nice bucks looking my way and wondering why sound was emanating from the blind.two nice bucks cropped and resized

So much for patience. Looks like I’ll have to try for them again. At least the season is young. They worked their way slowly up the hill, but didn’t feel comfortable sticking around.nice buck cropped

young doe cropped and resized

Over the course of the next few hours, eight more deer came by, but no more shooter bucks.yearling does cropped and resized

 A golden eagle landed across the pond and I got one shot of him taking off.

golden eagle cropped and resized

While heading out, I spotted a large boar at a nearby pond, but it was too late to go after him and he had already heard my truck anyway.

It was a great day and the sunset on the way home was the finishing touch.great sunset cropped and resized

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