A Bobcat Hunts

On my way home from putting up my tree stand, I spotted several predators out along the road. The first was a bobcat that ran full tilt away from my truck. A mile or so further down the road, a coyote looked back over his shoulder at me and then barreled full speed up the hill as I slowed to put my glasses on him. These predators knew the threat of humans.bobcat hunting 002 cropped and resized

When I came upon a third predator crouched in the shade of a sycamore tree about five hundred yards away, I stopped to see what it was. At first glance I thought it was a coyote watching a jackrabbit. However, upon closer observation it turned out to be a bobcat. The cat looked at my truck and then at the rabbit. Although far away, it was uncomfortable about my presence. I took a couple photos and drove off.bobcat hunting new look 013 cropped and resized

The road turned and crossed the creek and before long I was looking at the bobcat and jackrabbit from the opposite direction. It looked like a definite standoff.bobcat stalking 021 cropped and resized

Before long the rabbit departed and the cat turned its attention to something else – probably a squirrel.

bobcat hunting 023 cropped and resized

I guess bobcats don’t have much to do besides sleep and hunt.bobcat hunting  continues 025

When I finally left the scene he was still hunting.

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