Life and Death on the Ranch Road


dead coyote on hillside 014 cropped and resized

A couple vultures on the hillside. What are they eating?

dead coyote closer look  012 cropped

Upon closer inspection, it looks like a dead coyote. This guy didn’t run fast enough.

deer and turkeys colide 021 cropped and resized

What happens when deer and turkeys collide? In this case, neither seemed too upset. The turkeys did make room for the deer to pass.

dead coyote  hungrey crowd of vultures 026 cropped and resized

On the way home I passed the buzzards and coyote carcass one more time. Scavengers sure make short work of a carcass. Within a day, a coyote body is turned into a small pile of bones and shortly thereafter even the bones will disappear.

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