Never a Good Day – Never a Bad Day Either

When you’re in your office trying to get things done or when you’re explaining to your wife why you must spend the night at the ranch in order to hunt deer it sometimes seems like there’s never a good day to go hunting.

On the other hand, once your on stand or setting up your spotting scope and you’ve left your troubles behind, there’s never a bad day to go hunting.

Such was the case yesterday.  But, I left my office at 1:30 PM and made it to my tree stand by about 3:00PM. Not a deer appeared. It seemed as though they had left, but that’s hunting.

Opening Weekend Success

The first weekend of rifle season produced quite a few bucks and cousin Wes connected on a mid-size three point buck. He found some deer on Friday night while glassing and returned on Saturday morning. The buck he shot spooked over the ridge, but came back a while later and bedded where Wes was able to make a down-hill approach to within 70 yards.

Here’s the result.Wes 2009 - 2 ranch buck by Joe cropped and resized

The photo is completements of Joe DiDonato who acted as Wes’ guide for the day.

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