September ’09 Mayberry Update

It’s now been over two months since the arial spraying at Mayberry. Since that event, Rob has followed up by mowing, flooding and spraying the stuff that didn’t respond to our initial attempts.

Here are a few follow up photos.

burmuda grass cropped and resized

Burmuda grass is a tough customer, but after a couple doses, this grass looks like it’s on it’s way out.

Lola and the marsh cropped and resized

If not for chopping with the aspergrass chopper, this marsh wouldn’t show water. After flood up it won’t take long for the ducks to use this pond.

fragmites cropped and resized

The fragmite population has been expanding, but our spraying has hit it hard. Different plants take longer to show results and we’ve been hitting this plant multiple times to make sure it dies.

Farmall resized

The Farmall Tractor is too small for plowing, but it’s okay for spraying and mowing.

plowing resized

We brought in the neigbor’s big tractor to plow through the dead cattails and it did the job. It won’t be fun walking through the big clods, but it’s a necessary evil.

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