Quick on the Trigger

When the right buck comes along, it’s time to shoot. We learned this lesson a couple times this season. During the last week of the A-Zone season, Rob spotted a buck and it took Joe only a few seconds to zero in and put it to sleep.

Rob was a little bummed because it was the first shooter buck he’d been in a position to shoot for years and he would like to have been the one to put a tag on it, but this last weekend in D6, we saw the other side of the story as my cousin Wes spotted a big buck before Rob and I.

Feeling beholding to us for helping him take some nice bucks, he waited to get one of us to shoot it. That turned out to be a big mistake as the buck wasn’t about to wait around for us to debate who should shoot it. So, I guess Joe did the right thing.

Sometimes it’s best to be quick on the trigger. Here’s Joe with his ’09 blacktail. Congrats Joe.

Joe w  09 buck cropped and resized

I’ll be back soon to finish out our D6 hunt, which was very interesting.

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