Dear Santa

I know that you know I have a lot of stuff, but there are a few things that I need desperately…..

Yes the camp chef barbecue box is expensive, but I already have the stove and the box would be a great addition. Just think, BBQ at the duck club, at the ranch maybe even out of state.

Fly lines – I need two. floating

I got a great buy on two new machined reels (from Albright’s) to replace my ancient Fleuger fly reels, but now I need fly lines.

Style double taper, type floating, color – peach, weight 5 cost $52.00 sinking

444 SL fly line style weight forward, color mint green, type F, line weight WF5F

I can always use one more wool shirt.

Cabela’s whipcord wool shirt, color loden, size XL or

Pendleton wool shirt in brown plad – the brown plad is better for hunting, in fact it’s almost camo.

S.size XL tall I’d prefer the pendleton over the whipcord – the wool is more comfortable and is more versatile.

Filson makinaw wool vest in charcoal – my green vest is fading fast.

I love these wool clothes, but I know they are expensive

Fingerless wool gloves

Now here’s something affordable and I wear them out. I need them in XL – this is a good price

A carrying case for my two burner camp chef stove – won the stove in the raffle at a recent COHA banquet/fundraiser.

A fry griddle for my camp chef stove would be very useful

I’m looking for a couple new harmonicas – specifically a Hohner 532/20 MS in the key of A and also key of G

I need them so I can join in around the campfire.

OK Santa do your thing.

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