Six New Tule Elk Zones?

The California Department of Fish and Game will propose six new tule elk zones to the Fish and Game Commission this comming year.

Alameda County tule elk bull

In general they are as follows: Mendocino County – 0-4 bulls, 0-4 cows; Colusa-Lake-Yolo Counties – 0-4 bulls, 0-4 cows; Lake County (Lake Pillsbury area) 0-4 bulls, 0-4 cows; Alameda – San Joaquin Counties – 0-2 bulls, 0-2 cows; Merced-Santa Clara Counties – 0-2 bulls, 0-2 cows; Kern – San Luis Obispo -Santa Clara Counties – 0-2 bulls and 0-2 cows.

This proposal, if approved, will likely have a significant impact upon the ability of California and out-of-state elk hunters to draw a tule elk tag. CDFG has made revision of the elk hunts a priority this year and elk hunters will find several other upgrades to the elk hunting regulations.

In addition several changes to black bear hunting will also be proposed including creation of a new black bear hunt in San Luis Obispo County that was pulled from the F&G Commission docket last year.

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