Birds of a Feather ?

Here's a double banded mallard taken at Mayberry.

Here’s the certificate from a mallard drake killed by one of our Mayberry partners.  Fred’s drake mallard was bagged on Friday December 12th 2009.On that day, I arrived at Mayberry after Fred, Rob and Joe. They were all hunting and Fred had shot several mallards. It wasn’t until later in the day that I was informed that both Fred and Rob has shot banded greenheads. It was unusual that two banded birds had been shot on the same day. But, we kill quite a few banded mallards at Mayberry, so we didn’t think too much of it. The certificates from Fred’s bird (shown above) and Rob’s bird were received at nearly the same time, around Christmas.

Here’s the certificate from Rob’s greenhead.

If you look at these two certificates, you will see that these two greenheads were banded at the same location in British Columbia, by the same bander, on the same day in August of 2007. And, they were both mature drakes when banded, which led the bander to determine that they were both born in 2006 or earlier. And, more than two years later, within a quarter mile of each other in Sacramento County, California, these two greenhead drakes were shot, within hours of each other.

These certificates have the same band number on them. Maybe they shot the same duck.

More likely somebody at the USFWS made an administrative error.

One thought on “Birds of a Feather ?

  1. Rich, I am not sure where the error occurred in these two bands but it seems the Bird banding lab sent the same report twice vs. both these birds being banded on the same day at the same spot. Unless the band numbers were consecutive and the Lab just sent the wrong report for one of the birds? I am curious as to which it is. Thanks

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