2010’s Duck Finale


Lola couldn't take her eyes off my limit of greenheads.

I’ve been a little reluctant to make this post. The last weekend of the season can be rough – or it can be great. And, knowing the pain of a poor final weekend, I hate to rub salt in somebody’s wounds. 

Not just that, but for the last couple of weeks I’ve been under the weather and not in a blogging frame of mind. In fact, I was sick on the last weekend of duck season and didn’t even hunt the final day. Good thing for me, my hunting partners had only a 1.4 bird average on the last day. 

But, that wasn’t the case on the final Saturday. It was a greenhead bonanza. 

Mayberry was loaded with ducks, many of them mallards. I hunted a mallard pond and saw almost nothing but mals. They came in by ones and twos and before you know it, I had six drakes on my strap and another out in the field. As my friend Fred came out to replace me, I decided I’d had enough and dedicated a half hour to searching for the downed drake that went down about 200 yards to the north of me. 

After about the half hour of searching, Lola found the dead bird and my limit was complete. Not only that, but that bird secured Lola’s perfect season of not losing a duck. A nice ending for the year. Here are a couple of more photos:

Rob and Cousin Wes took turns and each got their limits


Created a little work for ourselves, but the dogs love sniffing those feathers.

One thought on “2010’s Duck Finale

  1. what do think about generations duck club on tyler island??????????/// expensive an tyler flooded out in the 80’s………… also liberty island area seems to be more in the flyway than tyer………….. your thoughts would be appreaciated…………mark sanny

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