Deer Hunting 2010, Decision Time

Had to make a couple calls regarding deer hunting in 2010. First I had to decide whether to purchase a landowner tag in Nevada again. I paid $4,500 for the tag in 2008 and 2009, a price that I thought was maybe a bit high, but it gave me some amount of control over the tag for future years, so I figured that added a little value.

My hunting partners decided to pass in 2010, leaving me the option of purchasing two tags, one for me and another for a hunting partner. I checked in with my first two choices and they didn’t want to spend that much money for a tag. I could have purchased one tag for $4,500, but decided that my budget was $3,500 this year. Business is down and it makes sense to have a budget.

So, I told the landowner that I could only do $3,500 – essentially declining the tag, but he could have changed his mind and accepted $3,500. He didn’t.

I went to the WHCE at the Salt Palace armed with my $3,500 budget. It took me a couple days of shopping to pick out the hunts that peaked my interest. It came down to a Montana deer/elk combination – seven day pack trip for $4.500, a Montana mule deer/antelope ranch hunt for $2.500 or a BC  7-day mule deer/white-tail combination hunt in November  for $3,250. All three prices are for two hunters to one guide.

A big difference in  total cost of these trips was tags. In Montana the guaranteed tags would add $1,500 for deer/elk and $1,250 for antelope/deer, while the BC tags  would cost about $500 total for the two deer species.

I figured that travel cost would be basically the same for each of the hunts – in the ball park of $600-$700 for plane, taxi and possible overnight hotel stays.

Out-the-door the BC hunt price came closest to matching my budget and also filled my personal hunting desires as I’ve never bagged a white-tail deer. And, it kept open my chances for a big mule deer as well. Kiff Covert, of  Dome Creek Outfitters is our guide/outfitter.

I put the check in the mail yesterday.

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