More on MDF’s Livermore-Pleasanton Banquet, Raffle and Auction

We’ve got some great trips to sell next week. Here’s some info.  

If you’re interested in New Zealand red stag hunting, or other animals, here’s a link to our donated hunt to be auctioned on Thursday March 11.  The donation is for five days of meals, accommodations and hunting including trophy fees for one red stag of silver medal quality. Sue and Alan Stewart are first-rate people and first-rate treatment is guaranteed. 

Here are a couple of likely silver medal stags.

The Holm Ranch youth blacktail hunt has been a great success each season. Here’s a photo of a lucky youngster from several years back. 

We've had 100% success on this hunt for many years running.

For the 6-person, five-day Montana Lodge and fishing expedition, here’s a link to their web site. I met owner, Ross Fratzke at the WHCE and he assured me they will do what it takes to make your trip successful.  Here’s a link.

We personally hunt with Matt Bloom of Kennedy Meadows Resort each season and he does a great job for us . For more information about the drop camp hunting or fishing trip with Kennedy Meadows Resort and Pack Station, check out their site at 

Fernando was our packer on a trip with Kennedy Meadows Resort last summer.

Just in today, a few more items, including three western art framed prints, a couple more big sculptures, a delivered load of base rock and two day use of a skid loader (don’t ask me what that is, but I think it’s for moving dirt – or rock. 

For gardeners and landscapers, we got what you need: 8-15 Sequoia Aptoas Blue (redwood trees I recon), 10-1 gallon Viburnum Spring Bouqet “In Bloom” (my wife knows what these are), 10-1 gallon Nandina Donmestica, 10-1 galoon Azalea Happy Days, 5-5 gallon Juniper Procumbens Na Na and 5-5 gallon Azalea Girards Fuschia. Check out what these would cost at your local nursery. 

Here’s the scoop on the donor, Village Nurseries. 

We also accept phone bids. If you’re interested call me at (925)989-4372 and we’ll set it up.

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