Mid-season Turkey Hunt Yields Quick Results

A 2:00 AM wakeup call ended up being worth it.

We got lucky and caught a break in the weather this morning. My friend Tom Billingsley left home very early to meet me at our turkey hunting spot at 5:30 AM. We waited around for about a half hour before walking down the hill into turkey territory. We were optimistic as gobblers, hens and peacocks sounded off around us. 

We didn’t go far before sitting down to watch and listen. Using my field glasses, I spotted a hen walking about 100 yards down hill from us and made the decision to set up. We placed  hen, gobbler and jake decoys about 20 yards in front of us and began to make sporadic calls. 

One gobbler, off to our right, sounded most likely to come in. Sure enough, after about 15 minutes his calls began to sound closer and before long he popped into sight. 

Camera ready, I recorded a short video before Tom knocked him over. 


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