CA Governor’s Race. Am I a Single-Issue Voter?

My voting record is very conservative, probably more conservative than my thinking.

Immigration, finances, taxation, they’re all very important to me. However, when I look at the California Governor election, one agenda item stands out strongly above the rest. Will the Governor stand up for hunters? appoint effective leadership for the Department of Fish and Game? Will he protect our rights to own firearms and will he provide appropriate funding for conservation programs?

No other elected official has the impact on the DFG that the Governor does. He appoints the Director of the Department  of Fish and Game (DFG) and Fish and Game Commission members. He oversees the budget and has veto power over bills that are necessary or harmful to the existence of the activity I am most passionate about.

Does this power over the future of hunting warrant electing a Governor based upon his position on one issue only?


Every hunter needs to think this over. We need a Governor who commits to supporting the California Department of Fish and Game. He must support the 2nd amendment. He must agree to appointing a Director of Fish and Game who supports hunting and the Governor must assure us that user fees collected specifically for conservation, will not be channeled away from DFG inappropriately.

How can we assure that a pro-hunting Governor will be elected? There is a way and we need to find it. If we don’t, we will one day wake up and find that our treasured pursuit is a thing of the past.

Along with that loss will come a loss of habitat that will change the face of California. There are many many people who have no idea how important hunting is to the existence of wildlife habitat and wild places.

Are you a single-issue voter?

4 thoughts on “CA Governor’s Race. Am I a Single-Issue Voter?

  1. I am not a single-issue voter, but I understand those who are. Sadly and ironically, I often find single-issue voters to be the most vocal opponents of who they would label, “special interest groups”.

    I don’t see a gubernatorial candidate who will meet your requirements this year, which breaks my heart. It seems like we can get a person who will give lip-service to the 2nd Amendment vs. a person who will give lip-service to the vital need for honest outdoors experiences, and neither will produce. Frankly, with just 2% of the public hunting, and most of them living in politically marginal places (i.e., outside of L.A.), I don’t envision a time in the near-future when we’ll ever have a good choice of a nuanced, well-rounded and environmentally-minded candidate.

    But I’m willing to help build one.


    • J: You’re probably 100% correct. However, when a discussion begins, sometimes politicians are surprising. We don’t really know much about them. R  Rich Fletcher Real Estate Broker 1568 Catalina Ct. Livermore, CA 94550 (925)373-6601 fax(925)605-3527 c(925)989-4372

      Rich’s blog:


  2. I know some. I work at the Capitol.

    Talk and conversation is nice, but where is the action? Where is the vote? Politicians are good at talking personally, and that is a fine, important quality. They need to work on actually legislating and governing.


    • After the governor’s race winds down to the twocandidates, it will be time to put people on the spot. I know that’s not easy to do,and we may find out that neither candidate is will to make a commitment to DFG, however, we must try. Rich Fletcher Real Estate Broker 1568 Catalina Ct. Livermore, CA 94550 (925)373-6601 fax(925)605-3527 c(925)989-4372

      Rich’s blog:


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