2010 A Zone Archery Opener – Not Much to Report

Opening day got me excited. I felt well prepared as I climbed into my treestand about 11:00 AM on Saturday. Not quite as early as I would have liked, but I figured the best chance would be during the afternoon heat.

My tree stand was well positioned, but by the end of the day, I decided to shift it a little before I left.

It was a long day. I sat until 6:30 PM and then climbed the hill after movnig the stand a few feet to make shooting a little easier.

Wildlife was all around me, but the position of the stand did not give me many chances to take interesting photos.

A yearling doe came in to drink about noon. It was the last deer of the day.

 I spent quite a bit of time studying California ground squirrels which were feeding around the base of the trees.

It looked like a family with several very young squirrels and a couple of larger ones. The moved very slowly keeping a low profile.

I’ll be checking my GPS for the best times and planning my next trip soon.

One thought on “2010 A Zone Archery Opener – Not Much to Report

  1. I have to admit, I found your website a few days ago and have thourougly enjoyed reading up on your blog as well as a look into the person you are today.

    Very interesting, and as an avid hunter and fisherman, I must say I do envy you just a tad. Good hunting and be safe.



    I have spent many days in the Wilson Valley area. Overwhelmingly filled with sights but it is NOT for the person who is out of shape at all. You better be fit or have a direct line to life support, because that hike will test you this time of year. I’m planing my scout trip this week, hopefully the creek isn’t pushing too hard!

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