Last A-Zone Archery Hunt a Bust

Couldn’t put together a successful tree-stand hunt this year. My plan to invest my time on days with the best moon phase back  fired as the weather didn’t cooperate. Cool weather set in and that wasn’t the best for my tree stand as its success depended upon the deer using the nearby pond.

On the last attempt, not only was the weather cool, but the wind was inconsistent and blustery. I finally gave up when it shifted and blew directly towards the pond. Definitely no way to hunt deer.

Five yearling deer came in to drink, but didn't stick around very long.

Scrub jays and squirrels were hanging around.

This guy checked me out.

On the way home, I photographed a couple bucks feeding on the dam of a pond. The one on the left is probably a shooter. I don’t think he’s an old deer, but he would probably have drawn fire.

A couple blacktail bucks feeding in the afternoon.

One thought on “Last A-Zone Archery Hunt a Bust

  1. Well, at least you saw bucks! It was a tough season for playing the moon phases. Activity over in the East Bay parks seems to have been all over the place timewise… depending mostly on wind and fog.

    Rifle season is right around the corner. Good luck to you guys on that… and with the wounded vets hunt!

    I’m hoping B zone archery will turn out a little better this year. With my luck, this cool streak will break on Aug 20, and I’ll be hunting in blazing heat once again.


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