Just Ordered a Duck Boat

What limited experience I have related to hunting ducks from boats is that it doesn’t work very well.

A friend of mine once owned a boat called “The Duck Boat.” It was a 17 foot boat designed specifically for duck hunting. It looked great, stayed afloat in terrific storms and was very comfortable. Cost? About $7,000.

After hunting Ryer Island in the Susuin Bay, we returned to port in four-foot seas. My friend powered that boat into the waves while I prayed. We made it.

On another occasion we drug the boat through the marsh at Lower Klamath. Not so good.

We hunted the slough at Mendota. Never fired a shot.

On the other hand I once owned a Boston Whaler that made a pretty good platform for duck hunting. We built various types of blinds to put over it and killed a few ducks on Frank’s Tract. It was fun when I was young and had more energy, but now days it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Not to mention that the agencies have created a web of regulations that nearly shuts down duck hunting in the Delta waterways. 

When Webb Tract was flooded, Rob and I drug out 14 foot aluminum boat over the levee and hunted ducks from it inside the island. A mallard flew directly over and we stood up at the same time, coming very close to fipping the boat. So much for that.

I once directed a boat builder to build me a layout boat. Thought I knew what I was doing, but the boat didn’t work. It finally rotted away at our duck club.

However I still have a desire to find a boat that will work and today I broke down and decided to give it one more try. Our duck club is being reworked this summer and we’ll have a lot more deep water when the work is complete. And, there will be no blinds to hunt from. Hence, a new duck boat. Here’s a link to what I decided upon.


If anybody has experience with this Final Attach Duck Boat, let me know. I also purchased a camo cover for it and a back rest to make it easy to lay back and wait. Hopefully it will work better than the boats of my past experiences.