Montana, Land of Plenty for the Outdoorsman

Just back from a week in Montana. What a place. Here’s a snippit of what we saw.

We viewed Merriam turkeys and whitetail deer constantly from the porch.


Whitetails were present along the river while we fished and in town when we passed through.


These four bucks were watering at the river as we fished.


Left to right, Jerry (guide), myself, brother-law-Bill and Monte (guide)


We caught lots of smallmouth and some pike. The smally in the photo is three pounds, our largest. Fishing at Thompson Falls, we caught two others about that size and a zillion small bass. Largest fish caught was a five pound pike.

We spent the week with Flat Iron Outfitting, owned and operated by Ross Fratzke. He runs a hunting operation on about 3,000 acres of private ground for white-tails and elk. He also guides on the Lolo National Forrest for deer, bear and elk.

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