Hunterlandowner gets Award

You never know about stuff you receive by email. That’s why I was a bit skeptical when I got an email saying that I was receiving a award for hunterlandowner, my blog.

I wrote back to Amy Wilkes at Online University, and here’s the response.

Hey Rich,
No problem. Actually 2 ideas went into your award.
1. The nominations. There were almost 4900 nominations overall, we took the top 1-2% and gave those to our judges. The nominations came in from your reader base, those who read about hunting blogs and are very educated and avid about it.
2. The judges. After the judges received the top 1-2%, they take their criteria. Some of the attributes of the criteria were: content, affiliations (relevancy to the actual blog itself), posts (also pertaining to the relevancy of the subject of the blog), just to name a few.
Along with that, we’re simply just trying to award blogs for what they’re truly meant for, blogging. That’s all.
Your writing content is great, true, simply and very helpful to be made a resource.
Hope to see your badge soon! Congrats again, Rich.
 8-30-2010 Update: After receiving a couple comments and some thought, I now understand how this award “scam” works. It seems like a small issue, but if you believe in the legitimacy of search engines and the value they have for information sharing, setting up artificial hits on a website is a bit disturbing. So, as much as it hurts, I took down my award. Bummer.
 If anybody has an opinion on this award, it might be interesting to hear it.



3 thoughts on “Hunterlandowner gets Award

  1. i got an email from Amy as well and am also skeptical. the site they link isn’t really developed, just a listing of a few online universities. the rest have something to do with these blog awards. i ran into your blog post from my current google search into this whole award’s validity.

  2. I had a similar initial reaction to you…but since I think a lot about SEO (Search engine optimization) I dug a little deeper and uncovered something troubling.

    This award is actually not as harmless as it sounds, because they’re doing in on a broad scale as part of a sophisticated scheme to manipulate the ranking of their site in search engines. They’ve covered dozens (hundreds?) of different topics. I blog in a very different area from you–tea–and was roped in too.

    If you’d be interested, I wrote an explanation of what I think is going on, and how I came to these conclusions:

    Awards & Search Engine Optimization Scams

    As a side note, I really like your blog. I am not a hunter, but I am strongly committed to conservation, and I often think a lot about how hunters are one of the main driving forces behind conservation. I wrote a little about this in a post a while back I made about building a consensus on sustainability between liberals and conservatives. I really like how you both ecological and political issues in this blog.

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