Emilee’s First Buck

For many years running, the Holm family has donated a hunt to the Livermore-Pleasanton Chapter of MDF. And, for the second time, the Selna Family from Tracy has purchased the hunt and taken a “first” buck.

Here’s the story of Emilee’s first buck hunt as told by Bob Holm, who manages the Holm Ranch for his family.

For those who missed the fun Sat. when the MDF Jr hunt took place, we were successful again!!  Emilee, a 12 year old first time hunter,  finally scored after several close encounters.  About 3:00 P.M., after a good spot by my son, Bryan, we made our move on another buck.  After an hour-long stock we closed the distance to 150 yards.  Couldn’t possibly get closer as the grass we were belly crawling through wouldn’t cover a short rattlesnake.  As Em maneuvered into the prone position for the shot, the wile buck began to sence something was rotten in Denmark!!!  Even though the wind was in our favor apparently this animal was crafty enough to detect the six humans bearing down on him from above with ill intent.  His burst for cover and safety, a mere 20 feet, was cut short by double lung heart shot by “one shot Em”!!!
After much celebrating we moved into the less fun part of the hunt.  Turns out our shooter was not a huge fan of deer blood, but somehow seemed to have blood all over her before we were done and headed for the ranch!!!!!!  She got into the skinning and caping process with less fear of blood and was actually a help.
This girl is a trooper!  We side-hilled thru the wild oats in 95 degree weather for several miles with no whining and no quitting.  We hunted from 6:30 to 4:30 with time out for lunch.  I’m afraid her dad is in for lots more hunts for her…. she has the bug!!!

 Thank you guys for the help.  My reward is seeing Emilee and her Dad have that much fun!  Bob

Emilee crawled within close range of her buck.

Here are a couple more photos provided by Emilee’s father, Greg Selna.

Bob and family have a 100% record on this annual buck hunt.

Greg Selna has been a consistant MDF supporter and volunteered at the Purple Heart Outdoors Event a couple weeks ago.

One thought on “Emilee’s First Buck

  1. Thanks for this article. My son, Greg, sent my husband and me this morning. We’re so proud of our Emilee. You should hear her tell her side of the hunt. She was so cute. She is such a beautiful young lady and it’s hard to believe that she loves to hunt. She actually outshoots her brothers.

    I’m sure that you will see her again to try and get a bigger deer. She’s quite the gal. Thanks again. Lena Selna

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