Nevada and California make game management decisions based upon Science.

Recently, the California Fish and Game Commission approved limited sage grouse hunting based upon DFG surveys that showed the sage grouse populations stable or rising in the hunting zones where grouse hunting will take place. This decision shows the wisdom of the Department and Commission.

Game management decisions based upon scientific knowledge produce a product that serves wildlife and the public interest. If game management were based upon emotion and politics, who knows where we would end up.

In a recent press release, the Center For Biological Diversity published the following misguided statement about Nevada:

“Nevada is making it OK to hunt a species that federal biologists say needs more protection. What does that say about the state agency charged with protecting Nevada’s wildlife?” said Rob Mrowka, a Nevada-based ecologist at the Center for Biological Diversity, which is seeking federal protections for the grouse. “State and federal wildlife agencies should be working together, rather than at cross purposes, to help this magnificent bird survive.”

Hunters agree that the sage  grouse is a magnificent bird, but they also know its population is primarily based upon remaining habitat. Regulated hunting that takes into account population trends has no adverse effect upon grouse numbers.

Nevada’s decision to hunt grouse shows that, just like California, they believe in making science-based decisions.

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