End of the A Zone Season

For the final weekend of  the “A” Zone, I made a final effort to spot a nice buck, but the best I saw was a medium-sized forked horn. Friday evening I found one small buck eating oak leaves and totally oblivious to my presence, but I don’t need venison at this time.

The weather turned hot and I left camp in a t-shirt Saturday morning. Deer were feeding early, but before long they were out of sight. After seeing about a dozen deer and two bucks Saturday, I headed home for various commitments. Rob hunted Saturday eve and Sunday morning, with basically the same results as me. He found one buck that he considered shooting, as it had a nice horn on one side, but when it raised its head, the other side of the bucks antlers was very small. This may be the buck we named tri-pod last year, for his fork-spike antler configuration.

Looks like it’s time to prep for duck hunting. With all the quail we have at the ranch, I believe we will be forced to hunt quail this fall, something that we don’t normally bother with. The quail population is quite impressive and with all the grass, they are out in huntable places more often.

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