Governor Signs SB1058 – Assures Tag and Stamp Money will be used for Conservation

For several years, the COHA has worked with The Mule Deer Foundation and other conservation groups to pass legislation that will assure that money from tag and stamp sales will be used for conservation.

In the past, tag and stamp money has been funneled away from intended uses creating great consternation for hunters. In an effort to correct this problem, COHA  (supported by members of many conservation organizations) has pursued a legislative solution.

After passing through the state legislature for three straight years, Governor Schwarzenegger finally signed SB1058 into law this week after twice vetoing it.

COHA staff, especially Mark Hennelly and Jason Rhine, displayed great patience and adaptability while working with conservationists and legislators over a period of years to guide SB1058 to fruition. This bill creates a building block for future conservation legislation.

Congratulations to Bill, Mark, Jason, Christine and the entire COHA board of directors.

I’m sure we’ll all be back soon to build on this success.

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