Progress with the Final Approach Duck Boat

The Final Approach duck boat has been in my garage now for two months or more. Its sitting on two saw horses and I’ve purposefully left it there so I can check it out and think it over each time I pass by. I assembled the blind for the boat about a month ago and was immediately unimpressed.

The blind did not fit the boat well and the “doors” that are designed to open up before shooting are impractical. This weekend, while listening to the Giants win the Western Division, I disassembled the blind and put it away. Maybe some day I’ll resurrect it, but for now I’m going with a paint job and natural cover.

With the blind issue resolved, I’m more comfortable about hunting from the boat. The blind was going to be in the way. I purchased some eye bolts at the local hardware store today and with them and some bungee cords, I’m going to attach natural cover. I also added some paint to create a base layer of camo.

I’ll have to get the boat out into the water soon to test its seaworthiness. Next comes a large kyack paddle from the local boat shop. Duck season is only three weeks away and I’ve got work to do.

I’ve got some concerns about my ability to get in and out of the boat while hunting, but those will be addressed soon.

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