Upper Antelope Canyon Tour

One of the most unique experiences of my recent trip to Arizona and Utah, was visiting Upper Antelope Canyon, near Page Arizona. These so called Canyons were created in river drainages where water gushed through sandstone openings, washing out tunnels that expanded with time. Openings at the top of the tunnels let in enough light to create fantastic images.

I did not prepare for this trip and had no idea where we were heading, but upon our arrival at Antelope Canyon on the Navajo Indian Reservation, we were greeted by Navajo Chief Slowhorse who helped us adjust our camera settings for optimum results inside the tunnel.

With ISO speeds set at 400, our guide instructed me to put my Cannon Powershot in the Program mode. He even took a couple photos for each of us to assure that we would not come back empty handed. After entering the tunnel, I shifted back and forth between Program mode and manual using the camera’s screen as a preview of what to expect. This worked well. Although I’m not 100% certain which photos the guide took for me, I believe that the examples below were photos that I took myself by the experimental method.

This is a great photographic learning experience and I highly recommend you check out Upper Antelope Canyon if you visit the Lake Powell area. Here are three of the best shots.

If I had it to do over again, I’d take the tour and then sign up for a longer visit with more time for personal photography. With a couple hours to work on details, who knows what you might come up with. You can find more information about the Antelope Canyons by searching the internet for Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. You will also find tips on how to get the best photos and many impressive photo examples.

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