The Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is one of the most impressive sights I’ve ever seen. This is a geologic formation created by erosion. In this case, the sandstone earth has been eroded away leaving only a remaining pillar that has been protected by a stone shield on top of it. Called hoodoos, these formations are not always colorful as they are at Bryce Canyon, where the red, white and pastel sandstone creates fantastic colors, especially when hit by direct sunlight.

This is a photographer’s dream come true. One can learn a lot about photography while filming sandstone hoodoos in varying light over the course of a day.

Here are a few examples of Bryce Canyon hoodoos.

Here's a panoramic view of the main Canyon.

As the sun hits the hoodoos they seem to glow as if lit from within.


Hoodoos often take on appearances.

Here's a formation aglow in the morning sun.

I could go on and on as I filled up a 2 Gig SD card and part of another at Bryce Canyon National Park.

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