A New Look for Opening Day

Cleaned out my trailer today. Boy what a mess. Got rid of a bee hive and put out decon for rats.

Jacked the trailer up and got it nearly level.

More work to do, but had to tour the property first. The new canals are open water and most of the areas that have feed are just beginning to hold enough water to attract ducks. Looks like we’ll be ok for opening day.

Here are some photos.’

The sun was rising through a thin layer of fog as I arrived. Made a nice photo.

Egrets and herons take advantage of flood up as it exposes lots of prey for them.

Ducks were on the water as I arrived.

This pond is likely to hold birds on opening day.

Lola got some scent, but didn't find a pheasant.

A few mallards worked the pond and landed.

Gadwalls came in as well.

That was about it. Wading birds, like stilts, sandpipers and phaloropes outnumbered ducks, but I’m sure there will be enough to make things interesting come Saturday.

3 thoughts on “A New Look for Opening Day

  1. Good luck. With a chance of light showers and the local duck count up this year you could have a good day. I can’t go Saturday but might get in line at Grizzly Sunday.

  2. hows it going i was wondering if u can head me in the right direction im interested in hunting the delta but not sure where n what launch to go out of i live in the east bay between oakland and san leandro any advice would be helpful thanks

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