Best Way to Rig a Duck Decoy

Went duck hunting with a friend yesterday and we adjusted decoys at two blinds. At the first blind, the decoys had been tied to the decoys and the anchor. As I carried decoys, the anchor and decoys twisted in my hands, creating a massive tangle of lines, decoys and anchors.

In order to move the decoys without spending too much time untangling lines, I was limited to carrying a few decoys at one time, making the decoy move very time-consuming. I hate spending any more time than necessary moving decoys when I could be shooting.

In yesterday’s case, we were hunting over a large decoy spread, and moving the decoys was a major issue. On the other hand, we wanted to kill some ducks and moving decoys was a necessary evil.

Here’s a sketch of the best way I know to rig decoys .

How to best rig a duck decoy

With the decoy line properly tied, the decoy and anchor will slide down the line to the end, allowing you to carry a couple dozen decoys without tangling them up. In this manner you can move your decoys without frustration and with the decoys in the proper location relative to wind and other objects you’ll have better shots and come home with more birds.

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